Learning Hives

Learning Hives at Work

Our Learning Hives™ provide on-site education and training, supporting social housing tenants to develop their skills, grow their confidence, and secure or sustain employment. 

We currently deliver our Learning Hives in partnership with Social Housing Providers and Local Authorities. Tenants are supported to build resilience and skills to maintain successful tenancies and navigate their journey through changes to the benefits system e.g. Universal Credit and benefit caps. Our Learning Hives are currently based in Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne and Co Durham.

Our demand led and bespoke learning approach is central to engaging individuals. We teach key basic skills, which result in tenants having:

Better maintained tenancies

All of these programmes are aimed at supporting individuals and families to better maintain their tenancies, especially in the light of significant welfare changes and the cost of living crisis.

Stronger communities

Learning Hives bring other services and community groups closer to our target neighbourhoods. Learning Hives support the building of social capital to better enable social regeneration on our estates and in our communities.

Evidence led approach - our model works

Our Learning Hives model has been independently evaluated as part of a Big Lottery funded project and rated very highly:

"The Learning Hives are based upon solid foundations... The project outcomes are impressive and it shows consistent engagement figures.  Delivery comes from a highly specialised, regional charity who are demonstrating excellent project and relationship management." 

Talk to us about a Learning Hive in your community 

Do you want to maximise the stability and reliability of your tenant base? do you want to ensure they have the skills to manage their finances, lead stable lives, and ideally maintain paid employment?  Get in touch to find our more about flexible, cost-effective, reputable solutions - contact Gill Smith on 0191 271 0131 or by e-mailing gsmith@northernlearningtrust.org.uk .