What we do

We help people improve their lives through learning and mentoring.

Our core purpose is to help very disadvantaged people and communities with complex needs to improve their lives. We use informal learning and mentoring to build confidence and skills, and help people find solutions to their problems.

We are experts at helping our clients in the most challenging circumstances, progress to more mainstream learning provisions or other services.

Our services are carefully tailored to the circumstances of disadvantaged people and communities .  They are usually community based and are often delivered 'one to one'. We are expert at achieving sustained engagement with those traditionally considered hardest to reach, helping them to achieve accredited learning almost without realising it.  Our clients are often astonished at what they can achieve.

Our services are cost-effective, flexible, responsive and innovative.

If you work with people who need our support, we can confidently:

We are renowned for providing inspirational learning and support to enable people to reach their full potential.

Many people in our communities have missed out on or had a negative experience of education. For many this leads to low self-esteem and confidence, isolation, inactivity,  unemployment and poor health. Services often fail to meet the needs of this group, leaving large sections of our communities with little or no optimism for the future.

Addressing inequality in learning opportunities means addressing human dignity, yet it also constitutes the best social and economic investment for any society.

We are non-judgmental, respectful, inclusive and caring and we believe in people before they believe in themselves.