Work for Us

A forward thinking organisation

When joining the Trust you will be working in a friendly and supportive environment.  We believe in investing in our people to ensure they are able to carry out their roles with the skills and confidence they require.

When you join us you will have a personalised induction plan which will not only introduce you to the Trust but will also ensure you have the full set of skills to carry out your role.

Gill Smith, Chief Executive says of her staff:

"I appreciate the tremendous dedication of my colleagues. They regularly go beyond the call of duty to support the people we work with. Without them the Trust would not be able to achieve its aims and have the positive impact on the lives of individuals and the communities we work in."

 Quotes from Community Engagement tutor:

“I love my job at Northern Learning Trust, it’s a big supportive family. Every day is different, it’s a totally challenging and rewarding experience. What a great feeling going home knowing you’ve made a difference to someone’s life.