Mentoring Young People

Making a difference

Our Young People’s Mentoring service provides trained mentors for each young person who needs support in making transition or change in their lives. This transition can be within education, criminal justice, the care system or into adult hood. A mentor is a positive role model who can be there for a young person to listen to them, help them build their confidence and self-esteem and support them to overcome challenges that they face.

A young person told us  that the mentoring relationship had been helpful as it had given him

 “a different way of looking at things…after detention at school [mentor] helped me to think about things and realise it wasn’t right”.

His grandmother was very positive and commented

 “He got to go out and when he got back he was better behaved and in a better mood and more confident”. She would ‘definitely’ recommend the PMP “It helps children talk through problems and things with someone else…he got to talk about things because he doesn’t like talking to me or his dad.”