Social Housing

Transforming neighbourhoods through positive engagements in learning, personal development, and expertise

Since 2011 Northern Learning Trust has worked closely with Social Housing Providers to find solutions that can help tenants build resilience, cope with Welfare Reform and employment, leading to more stable lifestyles and successful tenancies.

Our Learning Hive model

We developed our Learning Hives model to provide solutions.  Learning Hives are physically based in the heart of disadvantaged communities where there are high levels of unemployment, poor aspirations and low levels of health and wellbeing. 

NLT's Learning Hives provide on-site  education and training, supporting social housing tenants to develop their skills, grow their confidence, and secure or sustain employment.  This helps tenants to maintain and increase their income, and provides them with the skills and confidence to lead positive and stable lives, making them better tenants and providing a more reliable source of rental income for housing providers.

Tenants can access Learning Hives to receive support with English, Maths, ICT and employability skills. Qualified tutors and volunteers provide this support on a one to one or small group basis.

Helping tenants gain digital skills and more stable lives

Access to the internet: Many of the people we work with cannot access to the internet.  Our Learning Hives provide access to ICT resources, including internet connection.  In addition, staff and tutors provide support to learn how to use computers including UK Online.  This provision is helping individuals comply with essential criteria for Universal Credit, avoid benefit sanctions and develop the skills they need to negotiate modern life.  

Better communication with tenants: Increasingly housing providers are requiring tenants to communicate with them through portals on their websites.  Providing support to learn how to use computers is vastly improving communication between these organisations and their tenants.

Housing providers tell us:

“There are many people who are nowhere near ready to go back into work. The Learning Hives provide them with a route in, build their confidence and make them feel worth something and yes, get them ready to go back into the world of work. But it is or can be a long process.”