Ex-Offenders Mentoring

Community Mentoring

At the end of a sentence support from Community Rehabilitation Companies and National Probation Service ends leaving more vulnerable individuals at risk of re-offending.

Our Reaching Out Project provides volunteer mentoring support for these vulnerable individuals

The project aims to rebuild positive lives and reduce high rates of re-offending through mentoring support.

Reaching Out Project has a team of trained volunteer mentors who provide advice, guidance, help and support as well as someone to talk to. They are impartial, objective and non-judgemental. A unique aspect of this project is the engagement of ex-offenders as Peer Mentors.  Through their lived experiences they are in a position to understand the issues and challenges faced by their mentees.

Mentors offer a wide range of support including help to access education/ learning, training, housing/ accommodation, health, relationships and volunteering. Mentors can accompany mentees when attending appointments and can also act as advocates if required.

Volunteer mentors 

Volunteer mentors have a contracting relationship with their mentees that encourages, supports and enables mentees to increase their motivation, self-esteem and sense of worth/ achievement. We ensure that we provide a high quality service by providing training, support and supervision for our volunteers.  This approach has provided us with a pool of committed and experienced mentors who work with individuals to improve their lives.